Hospitals are under more pressure than ever to deliver real profits and drive growth – and coming accountable care and value-based payments mandates are making the need to eliminate waste in business operations more critical than ever. But getting there is no easy task – and the chaos factors? Rapid growth. M&A. Aging enterprise technologies with ever-increasing complexity. Complicated compliance requirements. Overstretched IT staff.  Multiple ERP systems with non-standardized outputs. The challenges are endless – and solutions that actually solve problems the way they promise to, when they promise to, are few and far between.

That’s why payments and cash management operations that can get ahead of the curve by untangling chaos and achieving visibility can contribute to the competitive edge and profitability of their organization.

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  • Why investing in centralized payments can help back-office operations align with trends driving organizational change 
  • How to successfully migrate from paper checks to electronic payments and remittances and quantify the benefits 
  • Methods to create simplicity and safety from risky, manual processes
  • The benefits of gaining real-time views into cash positions with secure, dynamic access to information from multiple systems
  • How to be prepared for upcoming federal regulations requiring payers to submit all payments electronically