Patient access and registration executives are under tremendous pressure to maintain high levels of speed and accuracy to effectively begin the cycle of care. Managing highly detailed procedures and processes is no easy feat while trying to keep sick patients calm and comfortable. And the biggest danger? Making a mistake while jumping between a paper form and a registration system.

But there's good news. Mobile technology has finally bridged the gap, and better yet, it's built to work the way people do. Fill out our short form to access this on-demand webinar, and learn right here, right now opportunities to reduce the friction between your patients, staff, and central systems - while speeding the flow of patient information to other departments. This session also discovers best practices for deployment, how to think strategically about hardware, and how  to ensure that your choices deliver time savings - not just technology for the sake of technology.
  • Collect information from patients in a less frustrating way
  • Shave precious seconds in registration processes by reducing clicks and repetition
  • Speed information accessibility to other areas of the facility and downstream systems
  • Make great decisions about hardware - what kind, when, why, and how
  • Compare paper vs. tablet-based interactions - learn the pros, cons, and time savings
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