FREE REPORT: Small Business Mobile Trends

Find out how mobile can help you attract more profitable business customers by downloading Aite Group's recent Whitepaper, Why Banks Should Offer Mobile Banking to Small Businesses.

The Whitepaper provides the context of how small business mobile banking is viewed as a necessary evil by many financial institutions. They know they need to offer it, but struggle to build the business case for investing in a product that is often given to customers free-of charge. Banks are at a crossroad; they can offer small businesses their consumer offerings (re-branded as business ones) or invest in true business mobile banking offerings that will likely better meet most customer needs.

But a closer look at business mobile banking reveals that those customers adopting business mobile typically have more accounts with their bank and are more likely to recommend their financial institution to others. 

Additional key insights include: 

  • How to create a business case for business mobile
  • Other factors to consider beyond fee-based revenue when implementing mobile banking
  • What capabilities small businesses are most interested in and what they are already doing via the mobile channel
  • The influence that business mobile banking has on selecting new bank relationships
  • What role tablet-based banking plays for small businesses


Why Banks Should Offer Mobile Banking to Small Businesses