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The role of the Treasurer has changed dramatically in the last five years as the financial crisis has driven enterprises to demand both greater efficiency and transparency to their global financial positions. To address these requirements, many organizations are considering investment in treasury technology. The choice of which product or service, however, requires an understanding of the changing role of treasury and the myriad of potential solutions.  What’s more, it’s critically important that Treasury and Finance professionals understand that not all technology offerings have the same capabilities and the “obvious choice” may not, in fact, be their best choice.

Leverage the following resources developed in conjunction with Strategic Treasurer to get up to speed on the changing role of treasury, the different technology solutions available, and how to select those that are best aligned to your organization’s needs.


Download the White Paper
Get an in-depth, third party review of the overall context of today’s treasury responsibilities, requirements, and role changes, as well as an analysis of the treasury technology landscape and continuums, and leading practices for architecting a solution that aligns with your unique needs.

Watch the On-Demand Webinar
Join us for our companion webinar during which we’ll take you through a detailed analysis of the different treasury technology solutions available today and insights on how to assess which ones offer the right mix of functionality for your organization.

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Email us to received a complimentary analysis of your treasury requirements to see if your technology is aligned to your needs.

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