You need a layered approach to cyber security

Cyber threats are increasingly aggressive, complex, and frequent. Today your investments in security protect against malware and unauthorized access, but that alone can't truly protect you.

We offer the next layer of defense, providing a virtual "surveillance camera" to deliver unparalleled visibility and real-time alerts based on internal and external user activity.

We offer the next line of defense

Our solutions non-invasively monitor, replay, and analyze internal and external user behavior across multiple channels, and instantly flag and stop suspicious activity.

They record and analyze each keystroke and screen view, reducing the risk of theft, information leakage, and fraud, decreasing the cost of regulatory compliance.

Learn about our unmatched and proven solution

Our customers include some of the largest financial institutions, banks, and governments in the world.

Bottomline Technologies' Cyber Fraud and Risk Management solutions offer a unique, patented approach to combatting fraud and managing compliance. We are at the forefront of advanced cyber security. Contact us to learn more.